Medline introduces first-of-its-kind transparent wound dressing aiding in pressure injury prevention

OptiView™ Transparent Dressing with HydroCore™ Technology clear design enables easy assessing of at-risk skin and monitoring skin breakdown

Toronto, ON., February 8, 2024 – Medline, a market leader in skin care, today announced the latest addition to its advanced wound care portfolio, the OptiView™ Transparent Dressing with HydroCore™ Technology. This first-of-its-kind wound dressing features an innovative clear design that allows caregivers to quickly and easily inspect, monitor and blanch skin with the dressing in place.

Pressure and excess heat can lead to skin breakdown and increase the risk of pressure injury development. Traditional routine skin assessments require removing the wound dressing multiple times per day, which can be taxing on both the caregiver and clinician and puts additional stress on the dressing’s adhesive and underlying skin.

OptiView empowers caregivers to spot skin texture, colour variances and early signs of breakdown without lifting the dressing. The innovative clear island allows for immediate visibility of the underlying skin. At the same time, HydroCore Technology uses a gel center to help redistribute pressure and draw heat away from the skin to create a cooling effect.

“Managing chronic wounds effectively requires caregivers to see things differently. That’s why we’re focused on bringing innovative wound technologies to market,” said Roger Bourbonnais, Senior Vice President of Acute Care and Skin Health. “Having insight into the costs and time associated with treating hard-to-heal wounds has driven us to develop and improve our advanced wound care solutions, such as OptiView, to help further prevent the development of pressure injuries.”

OptiView comes in several sizes, with the gentle silicone and HydroCore Technology ideal for protecting and dressing sensitive areas. The multisite 6” x 6” dressing can be applied to difficult areas, including elbows, knees, heels and shoulders. The 7”x 7” and 9”x 9” dressings are designed primarily for use on the sacrum area. Medline testing on OptiView compared to competitive dressings found the following benefits:

  • 62% reduction in peak pressure, the highest among market-leading dressings
  • Keeps the skin up to 1.5°Ccooler than competitive dressings
  • Up to 12 times more flexible than leading multilayer foams to adapt to patient movement

OptiView follows the best practice guidelines of the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) and other international pressure injury organizations when considering the appropriate prophylactic dressing.

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