A message from Ernie Philip

President, Medline Canada

The Covid-19 health crisis forever changes us. For those in the healthcare industry, the pandemic amplifies the importance and meaning of our work. 

Medline Canada’s passion and purpose have never wavered. We are partners to the frontlines of healthcare in improving the lives of Canadians. We are committed to caring about people over profits. We talk about this commitment every day – with our customers and with our employees in the hallways of our offices and the aisles of our distribution centres.

We have built a new resilience into how we serve. With entrepreneurial agility and a vast, secure supply chain, we have scaled our capacity, increased efficiency and dialled up our resolve to meet the accelerated needs of the healthcare industry - all while keeping our customers and employees safe.

Medline Canada continues to be one of Canada’s fastest-growing healthcare companies. In recent years, we have merged with several high-performing and well-respected organizations to expand our services and distribution network across Canada. The record of service of our legacy business partners – Medical Mart, Dufort & Lavigne and Médi-Sélect have become part of the powerful and enduring fabric of today’s Medline Canada. Our combined strength creates a solid foundation and allows us to scale further to provide even more solutions to meet the emerging needs of Canadian healthcare. 

We are focused on Service, Quality and Care outcomes:

  • Service: Our customer's priorities are our priorities. Medline works as a team to meet every urgency - carefully and on time.
  • Quality: We offer tremendous access to the same network of quality global resources. With our broad portfolio of brands, we can meet your supply needs.
  • Care Outcomes: We focus on what matters to our customers - care outcomes. Our specialized sales, clinical and product support teams provide guidance, training and education that can lead to better care outcomes. 

Every day, our team works to become Canada’s most highly trusted healthcare supply provider. I know I speak on behalf of over 580 dedicated professionals at Medline Canada when I say that we could not be prouder to do this work.


Ernie Philip

President, Medline Canada


Every day, we proudly serve Canada’s healthcare continuum and our frontline workers. We work tirelessly to support our customers in delivering vital care. Watch our new Medline Canada story to see how we apply our CARES values to make a difference.

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