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The Medline family of brands includes well-known brands such as CURAD™, Guardian™, Venom Steel™, FitRight™, AloeTouch™ and Simply Soft™. Medline brings high-quality, healthcare-related products to you through Canadian home healthcare dealers, retailers and online. Buy online through the channels below:

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Current customers of Medline can use our online ordering portal. To  register to order online, please contact your sales representative.

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Medline acquired Dufort et Lavigne, a leading Quebec-based healthcare provider, in 2018. Dufort et Lavigne's online store offers consumers, retailers and healthcare providers acute, long-term care, primary care, dental and other specialty products.

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With unparalleled service, Medline | Médi-Sélect is a leader in dental and medical product sales and distribution. Whether you’re looking for your family or for your clinic, we have an extensive range of high-quality products. You will find an ample selection of instruments and supplies at Médi-Sélect, whether it be for medical, dental, podiatry, esthetic or tattoo studio needs. 

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Visit us online at Amazon, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Best Buy.

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