CARES leads the way

As an integral part of Canada’s health care supply industry, the work we do is essential.

To do our best, the Medline Canada team works together and is inspired by our CARES values.  Our success is fueled by a shared vision of better care outcomes.

CCUSTOMER FOCUSOur customers are our partners, and we treat our priorities as our own.
AACCOUNTABILITYWe keep our promises and stay with issues until they are resolved.
RRESPECTFUL COMMUNICATIONWe show respect when we take time to communicate well, listen and understand.
EEFFICIENCYWe seek courageous solutions and better ways foward.
SSTRENGTH OF OUR PEOPLEWe invest in each other to be the strongest, most impactful and best-educated time.


Our cultural pillars are our CARES values - elevating Customers Focus, Accountability, Respectful Communication, Efficiency, and Strength of Our People - these values are central to what we do every day.

Each quarter we ask our employees to nominate a peer who has demonstrated the embodiment of these values, a major achievement that is celebrated throughout the organization.