Setting your practice up for high-quality care and operational performance

Low unit of measure quantities. Limited storage space. Point-of-care testing. Staffing challenges. Product and supply chain challenges. Increasing patient workloads. The demands of running a practice never stop. Medline partners with you to meet these demands.

We have experienced clinical, sales and product support experts who understand your challenges first-hand. We work together with you to increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes on-site. As patients demand greater convenience, speedier service and more effective treatment, we take action and develop solutions that help keep your practice in top form

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Product & Service Offering

What sets us apart is our people and our commitment to bringing you quality products efficiently and cost-effectively. From timesaving minor procedure kits and next-day delivery to logistical expertise and clinical and product knowledge, we help you take care of business, so you can focus on what matters most: taking care of your patients.

Breadth and Scope of Product Offering

As one of the few Canadian companies that manufacture and distribute their own products, we offer over 80,000 products across the spectrum of care. Our comprehensive line of products, including the brand names you’ve come to know and trust, meet any healthcare need and suit any budget. We have the unique ability to get you what you want when you need it most, with many items in stock and ready for delivery across Canada in as little as 24 - 48 hours.

Clinical Equipment Financing Programs from 0%

Medline offers financing programs on all large clinical equipment purchases over $5,000.  We help you avoid upfront capital costs, which can improve your cash flow. This program is ideal for new physicians setting up their first clinical office or those looking to expand and add clinical space for specialist associates or existing clinics that need to upgrade their equipment to the latest technology. With your commitment to Medline, we will provide an industry first 0% financing option to help your new or expanded clinic operate efficiently.

Custom Procedure Trays

While improving quality and effectiveness in every area of our operation, innovation is at our core and is fueled by continued investment in our brands. From the Konig Instruments to our Curad® bandages to our Infection Control products to our global leadership in the exam glove and surgical glove market (including our SensiCare® Surgical Gloves), we are well-equipped to support healthcare needs in the entire continuum of care.  

In-Office Surgery and Procedure Support

As your in-office care expands, so must other aspects of your business to help support it. Our robust offering includes cutting-edge products and solutions like surgical procedure trays, custom kitting experts, support for in-office foot care, and pain management.

Featured Product Categories

Find everything you need for your practice, from general med/surgical supplies, such as bandages and gauze, capital equipment and more. Browse top categories below.

Anesthesia and Respiratory

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Bandages and Dressings

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Custom Trays Pre-packaged for clinical use 

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Exam and Surgical Gloves

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Exam Gowns and Drapes

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Infection Control

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Exam Room Equipment and Furniture

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Protective Apparel

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Surgical Instruments

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Wound closure systems  

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