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Making healthcare more sustainable for people and the planet

Few sectors are as intrinsically tied to environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related issues as is healthcare. Healthcare equity, access and affordability are basic human rights that are still unmet in many parts of the world. And while other sectors may not see the immediacy of climate change, hospitals and health systems see the impact on their patients and communities every day. These issues shape the future of healthcare—and it’s our responsibility to ensure we sustain a resilient, forward-thinking company. ESG, therefore, provides a framework to identify the issues most pertinent to us, as well as a blueprint for the future.

Climate resilience and environmental action

We’re committed to building an environmentally sustainable business by investing
in new and established green technologies and creating practical solutions to
conserve natural resources and reduce waste. Reducing our carbon footprint—and
helping our customers do the same—is top of mind.

Key topics:
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Air emissions
  • Waste management
  • Water and wastewater
  • Climate-related risk

Responsible products

Providing high-quality healthcare products that are safe for both patients and the
environment is a key priority. We strive to be transparent in our product labeling
and engage in responsible marketing practices.

Key topics:
  • Sustainable products, programs and packaging
  • Product safety
  • Product labeling and marketing

People and communities

We want our employees, communities, suppliers and patients to achieve their full potential. We help by maintaining the highest standards of safety and health in the workplace, creating opportunities for connection and development for our employees, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion across our organization, and addressing health equity in communities here and around the world.

Key topics:
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Supplier diversity
  • Healthcare access and affordability
  • Community engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee health and safety

Robust governance

We do what is right, not only what is required, and hold our business, employees and suppliers to high ethical standards.

Key topics:
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Business ethics
  • Data privacy and security


Read about our latest ESG efforts

Our annual Medline ESG report details our global impact and the progress we're making to reduce our environmental footprint, foster an inclusive work environment, support our communities and more.

Read our 2022 report

Our impact in 2022

We donated 643 metric tons of product in 2022 to support worldwide medical relief to low-resource regions and those impacted by natural disasters

We reprocessed 2.3+ million medical devices in 2022, diverting 1.1 million pounds of waste from landfill

We conducted 592 social audits to ensure ethical sourcing throughout its supply chain in 2022

We installed 60,000+ solar panels at facilities and hit its mark of USD $34.4 million invested in solar energy since 2016

Our Guelph Distribution Centre in Ontario, Canada achieved LEED certification – one of the largest medical inventory and storage spaces in Canada

Canada’s Employee Resource Groups, the Women’s Alliance and Brave Conversations, partner with HR on policy, education, training and recruitment

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