Renewal Reprocessing


Consider what you know about single-use medical device reprocessing. Is the promise of re-employing single use devices still worth pursuing? If you are currently reprocessing, does your partner offer the freedom of choice you need to maximize your program’s value?

What you know about reprocessing is being redefined by Medline ReNewal. We’re truly delivering on the promises of medical device reprocessing. ReNewal invites you to rethink along with us.

What are the benefits of device reprocessing? How do you maximize your reprocessing program results?


Medline ReNewal has partnered with Innovative Health to be able to offer a strong reprocessing program. Innovative Health is the leading reprocessor of cardiology/electrophysiology single-use devices. Our partnered approach on pushing the limits to what can be reprocessed, helps us help you maximize your savings by adding new device categories to the program. Additionally, Innovative Health’s experience in the reprocessing industry helps us bring you what you need for your reprocessing program to succeed.

Medline Renewal and Innovative Health have partnered to bring you an advanced reprocessing program with one goal in mind: To ensure your savings are optimized across all product categories.


After proper disinfecting and sterilization protocols are followed, your “single-use” medical devices can be safely reused. Reprocessing allows you to save on the cost of new device purchases; savings which can then be applied to enhancing the care of your patients.

Cost savings: Reprocessing generates cost savings year after year. The more devices reprocessed, the greater the financial benefits.

Quality: As a rule, reprocessed devices are subjected to greater scrutiny and inspection than brand new ones. There is no added patient risk and no functional difference.

Environmental: Decreased waste not only reduces what is sent to landfill each month, but also helps you save on waste removal costs.

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How can we help you?


Medline Renewal provides high-quality reprocessed devices to our hospital partners through a program that is supported by a professional team equipped to provide real-time help. Combine this with ongoing bottom-line cost savings – that’s what ReNewal is all about.

ReNewal can help you start a new reprocessing program or improve the performance of your current one. In addition to the savings that reprocessing can bring your facility, our program provides the customer service, reliability, and visibility you need to understand what’s happening with your orders and your savings. We can tailor one of our program models to fit your needs.


Quality You Can Trust: Our reprocessed single-use devices are as safe and functional as brand-new ones. FDA’s clearance process ensures this. Our successful track record means our hospital partners trust the quality and safety of our products. In addition, our field personnel will meet with your staff on a quarterly basis to measure and optimize your program’s performance, help to ensure your program follows all industry standards and identify additional devices for collection to seize new savings opportunities.

Dedicated Support: Our philosophy is one of continuous implementation, continuous training and continuous improvement. Tools like the OnDemand web portal provide visibility into where your products are and what you are saving; your Medline support team will help ensure smooth operations by leveraging a high variety of resources.

Savings Without Strings: Medline ReNewal provides devices at a significant reduction from the cost of new ones. The potential financial rewards are substantial, allowing for reinvestment in other critical areas. Because we are not a manufacturer, there are no hidden agendas to sell you anything other than the best reprocessing service in the industry.

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