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OR and surgical solutions 

Keep your operating room or surgical suite safe and in top shape with our comprehensive portfolio of supplies and solutions to outfit your entire OR. Browse products for all phases of perioperative care, from surgical gowns and gloves to blades and sutures. Because we are a leading manufacturer of surgical procedure kits, you’ll always find what you need.

Erase Surgical Site Infections

Our anti-infection resources address each step in the surgical experience—from pre-admission to post-discharge care—to help lower the risk of SSIs and improve patient safety. 

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Infection Prevention Supplies

Find drapes, gowns, surgeon face masks, disinfectants and more. Browse environmentally friendly, cost-effective products for surgical fluid collection, infectious waste, hazardous fluids disposal and stockinettes.

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Our Expertise 

Our products and solutions are here to help you manage a complex perioperative environment and deliver a consistent level of care. Learn more about erasing pathogens, preventing skin injury and reducing surgical site infections.  

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Surgical Gloves Video

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Glove Management Program

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