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Surgical backlogs are increasing and your teams are feeling the strain. Medline’s Peri-Op Performance Program™ incorporates products and services designed to increase the efficiency of your OR, freeing up valuable resources and helping reduce your surgical backlog.

Transitioning to Medline is smooth, timely and accurate, perfected by 2000+ customer conversions. To learn more, contact your local Medline Representative today at 1.800.396.6996.

Today, hospitals are confronted with many challenges, including cost-cutting, increasing efficiency and a shortage of healthcare workers. Medline's Sterile Procedure Trays help target these challenges.

Peri-Op Performance Program™

Featured products and services designed to increase the efficiency of your OR.

Comprehensive OR Pack Review

Maximizes surgical pack performance.

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Complete Delivery System

Simplifies supply management to deliver time and cost savings.

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MEDPACK™ Online Custom Pack Management

Provides real-time information for managing and simplifying pack inventory.

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Surgical Instruments Consignment Program

Eliminates both shortages and surplus, and increases overall capacity. 

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Medline Surgical Custom Packs, Drapes and Gowns

Designed for efficiency, comfort and safety.

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Medline Standard and Custom Surgical Packs

Medline is the world’s largest supplier of custom packs, with over 125,000 produced every day. 

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Infection Prevention

Fight the spread of pathogens with a 3-zone prevention strategy.

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Skin Health and Advanced Wound Care

Explore how our products and programs support skin and wound care needs.

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Alleviating the Surgical Backlog Webinar

Hosted by Roger Bourbonnais, Vice President of Acute and Skin Health, this informative webinar discussed the unprecented 500,000 procedures across Canada, and explored opportunities to generate faster OR turns to alleviate this backlog.
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Explore Medline's Complete Delivery System

Find out more about how Scarborough Hospital was able to save valuable time and resources by implementing our Complete Delivery system.
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