Medpack™ online custom pack management

Provides real-time information for managing and simplifying pack inventory.

The Medpack App delivers real-time, accurate data to manage your custom surgical pack program when your surgical needs suddenly shift.

It is an online hub for managing and simplifying pack inventory that enables OR staff to be prepared 24/7 with access to real-time visibility and control of your custom pack program - from tracking pack changes and redundancies to comparing costs.

Real-time information for Inventory Management:

  • Track the history of changes to your custom packs
  • Know where your packs are in the production process
  • See every component in every pack – eBook offers instant visibility to all of your custom packs

Control at your fingertips:

  • Maintain control with mandatory eSignature for any changes & add-ons; quickly create and approve a quote and send to your Medline Rep
  • Identify latex components and latex-free alternatives for improved safety
  • Easily find information on standardization, eco-friendly choices and more

Intuitive and simple to use:

  • Easy component searches and the ability to scan the barcode on any Medline item to instantly pull up information
  • Receive convenient updates to keep you informed, including daily updates on inventory and email alerts when demand spikes or drops
  • Be advised when requested changes are available

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MedPACK ™ Inventory management tool

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