Skin Health Application Videos

Just like the people affected by them, wounds need to be treated on an individual basis. The DIMES system of wound bed preparation and treatment provides a simple method to help clinicians select the best product based on wound condition. Use the video gallery below to explore our informational and instructional videos.

NOTE: Not all products and services shown in these videos may be available in all regions.

AccuWrap Application Video

Ag+ Powder Application

Bordered Gauze Application

Exuderm Satin Application

FourFlex Application

Marathon Application

Marathon XL Application

Maxorb II and Maxorb II Ag+ Application

Paste Protectant - Zinc

Medigrip Application

Ne1 Wound Assessment Tool Application

Opticell & Opticell Ag+ Ribbon Application

Opticell & Opticell Ag+ Sheet Application

Optifoam & Optifoam Ag+ Adhesive Application

Optifoam & Optifoam Ag+ Non-Adhesive Application

Optifoam & Optifoam Ag+ Sacrum Application

Optifoam Ag+ & Optifoam Gentle Ag+ Post Op Strips Application

Optifoam Gentle & Optifoam Gentle Ag+ Application

Optifoam Gentle & Optifoam Gentle Ag+ Non-Bordered Application

Optifoam Gentle & Optifoam Gentle Ag+ Silicone Faced Foam Application

Optifoam Gentle EX

Optifoam Gentle EX Sacrum

Optifoam Gentle Heel Application

Optifoam Gentle Liquitrap

Optifoam Gentle SA (Pressure Injury Prevention)

Optifoam Gentle SA Sacrum

Optifoam Heel Application

Optilock Application

Pinc Zinc Oxide Fixation Tape Application

PrimaSeal Post-Op Ag+ Application

PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressing

Qwick Application

Silvasorb Gel Application

Skintegrity Hydrogel Application

Stratasorb Application

Sureprep No Sting Application

SurePrep Rapid Dry

Therahoney Gel Application

Therahoney HD Sheet Application

Therahoney Sheet Application

ThreeFlex Application

Unna-Z Stretch Application

Versatel One Application

Cleansing Body Lotions

Foaming Cleansers

HeelMedix Advanced

HeelMedix Basic

HeelMedix Pro

Remedy Phytoplex HydraGuard

Remedy Phytoplex Moisturizer

Spray Cleansers

Zinc Protectant Pastes