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Additional methods and services may be needed. We offer education, support from clinical experts and supportive products that promote continual healing.


Venous Stasis Management

Engaging patients in their own venous stasis management is critical to managing this life-long disease. From painful swelling to dry, itchy skin and hard-to-heal wounds, help patients take control of their symptoms. Discover a system of products, including COMPRECARES Compression Therapy, Remedy Skin Care and PluroGel Wound Dressing, designed to improve patient compliance — and quality of life.


CoFlex TLC is a two-layer compression system designed to ease application and patient compliance. The low-profile design allows patients to wear shoes, making compliance more likely.

Prevention and Treatment

For the millions of people afflicted with venous stasis, there are exciting developments in early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this disease.


Discover patient and caregiver education.

Improve patient compliance with this guide of helpful tips and education for treating venous ulcers.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is essential to improving blood flow in the legs. Choose products that manage and maintain venous stasis for better patient compliance.

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