Quality Continence Management Systems

Can lead to better care outcomes 

Continence and Personal Care

We’ve made it our business to provide the tools and education your care home needs to create a high-quality, dignified resident experience. Streamline your central supply inventory across any setting throughout the continuum of care. We strive to preserve an individual’s dignity and comfort while providing excellent protection, as a leading provider of adult continence products for healthcare settings.

Bedside Essentials: We offer care essentials.  Hair care, nail care, deodorants, to washbasins, and more. Heighten the care experience with personal grooming items, including facial razors, shaving cream and bar soaps, as well as emesis bags.

Continence Care Solutions: Shop disposable briefs, pads, underpads, wipes, protective underwear and more.  All designed for optimal moisture management and improved skin outcomes.

Skin Comfort Products: Explore our FitRight® Restore briefs.  Medline Remedy®  skin management solutions.  Ultrasorbs® super absorbent drypads. Our FitRight® adult brief and protective underwear product lines are designed and manufactured with the latest innovative technology with skin health in mind.

Urology & Ostomy: Designed for acute, primary care, long-term care.  Browse high-quality urological products and clinically proven solutions for optimal urological care. Explore our full range of comfortable and discrete urological care products to meet any individual needs and preference.

Our Expertise

Continence Care Solutions designed with skin integrity and dignified outcomes in mind.  

Prevention and Treatment

Effective Continence Care Programs can reduce Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) and improve skin integrity.

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