Environmental disinfection

Clean like lives depend on it

Proper cleaning and disinfection are critical to keeping patients safe from infection. However, Environmental Services (EVS) managers and staff deal with tough issues on a daily basis that create roadblocks to doing their job effectively. Topping the list of concerns: pressure to speed up room turns, unclear responsibility for who cleans mobile objects, high staff turnover, no standard cleaning practice and lack of knowledge about the role the environment plays in cross-contamination and transmission.

Tracking the problem

Clear-cut guidelines on how to solve surface contamination can be difficult to define. That’s why we’ve worked with experts nationwide to develop a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting program. It combines process with disinfecting products and education to help prevent the spread of HAIs.

Discover how UV light helps reduce airborne pathogens, including COVID-19.

How we help you

Discovery Assessment

First, we examine your current protocols. We observe cleaning practices, evaluate appropriateness of products and perform ATP swabbing to quantitatively measure cleanliness. Once complete, you’ll receive specific recommendations to address identified problem areas.

Cleaning Process

Our Clean by Sequence method with numbered microfiber booklets guide your staff from surface to surface, so nothing is missed and cross-contamination is minimized.

Evidence-Based Products

You choose the right mix of products—evidence-based with quick contact times—to satisfy the specific needs of your facility.

Staff Education

You can access a variety of online and onsite training materials to help staff improve their skills.


Reusable Clean by Sequence Microfiber Booklets 

Different-coloured booklets are available to reassure patients that the cloths have been changed. Purchasing a blue patient room booklet and an orange patient restroom booklet are required components of the program.

  • Blue booklets for patient room surfaces
  • Orange booklets for patient bathroom surfaces
  • Purple booklets (numbered, no icons) for additional discharge surfaces and cleaning ancillary areas of the hospital

Disinfectant solutions

Micro-Kill™ Q3 Concentrated Disinfectant, Cleaner and Deodorizer

This dispensed disinfectant kills HIV-1, hepatitis B, MRSA, VRE and rotavirus. The Medline dispenser and meter tip in the bottle ensure accurate dilution every time.

Microfiber Super Mop

Dense microfibers pick up and lock in dirt so it doesn’t get pushed around.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems

Our UV disinfection systems can eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogens**, in the air and on surfaces, including mobile devices in seconds, leaving a better environment for patients and staff. 

*Refer to product label for full list of pathogens, contact times and cleaning and disinfection directions. 
**Data on file. 

Find products that work for you

We offer a selection of products to meet your clinical needs.
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Supporting products 

Complete your infection prevention program with these recommended products. 

Cleaning validation tools

AccuPoint ATP Sanitation Monitoring System Meter

Offers reliable results and documents cleanliness levels of the facility.

AccuPoint ATP Sanitation Monitoring System Samplers

Sanitation monitoring made simple with the easy-to-use AccuPoint HC.

Exam gloves

FitGuard Touch Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

Durable nitrile protection and textured fingertips for enhanced grip.

Glide-On Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Enhanced technology for easy donning, even with damp hands.

Hand sanitizers

Gel Pocket Size and Table Top

Made with 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe and Vitamin E to get hands clean and smooth.

Foam Table Top Sanitizers

Contains 70% ethyl alcohol and moisturizers to help reduce dry skin.

Wipes To Go and Table Top Sanitizers

On-the-go hand sanitizing wipes kill germs and bacteria.

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