Inquire about our finance program

Explore 3 or 5-year terms - 0% interest available with supply agreement.

Looking to open a new clinic, expand in the same location or to another location, or even perhaps upgrade your equipment? 

Medline offers financing programs on all large clinical equipment purchases over $5,000. We help you avoid upfront capital costs, which can improve your cash flow. This program is ideal for new physicians setting up their first clinical office or those looking to expand and add clinical space for specialist associates or existing clinics that need to upgrade their equipment to the latest technology. With your commitment to Medline, we will provide an industry first 0% financing option to help your new or expanded clinic operate efficiently.

Why deal with a large financial institution that doesn’t understand your healthcare financial challenges or doesn’t have any flexibility in the financing terms or interest rates available to you, when you can finance all your equipment needs through us directly at a low-interest rate and payment term options? Plus, with a commitment by you to select Medline as your medical supply dealer, we offer a 0% financing option that will allow you to avoid the upfront payment and free up your cash flow while you get your new or expanded clinic operating efficiently. 

Contact a Medline representative today to discuss your needs and options.