The Medline Physician Partner Program

If you are a new doctor planning to set up a practice or an experienced practitioner who wishes to upgrade your current clinic, equipment, supplies, and financing are important considerations to help make your investment successful.

In this Ask the Expert, we speak with Brian Lieffers, Western Regional Sales Director, and Angela Douglas, Marketing Director, to explore Medline’s new Physician Partner Program, tailored for new and experienced physicians in their practice settings while supporting the Primary Care sector in Canada.

Q: What is the Medline Physician Partner Program? What specific support does Medline offer to physician clinics?

The program’s development brought experts in sales, inventory and logistics, product marketing, and equipment installation together to define a unique offering that includes equipment, instrumentation, service, and the supplies procurement process while supporting the ongoing day-to-day operation of a clinic.

Our Medline team brings decades of experience and knowledge to bear as a true partner to Canadian physicians, helping to evolve the patient experience together. A key differentiator of the program is our flexible 0% equipment financing, which alleviates some financial stress associated with a new clinic opening.Medline Canada is committed to supporting Canadian healthcare, and the Physician Partner Program is just one way we demonstrate our company purpose of Together Improving Care.

Q: Can you talk about how each of the four key areas of the program can support physicians – workflow optimization, finance, supply efficiency, and products and programs?

Workflow Optimization: There are several aspects to consider, including the overall clinic design. We understand the challenges and considerations that go into the design and construction of an efficient and successful clinic. Medline’s team of experts and strategic partners work directly with your clinical design team and provide unique plans and solutions that enable operational quality and efficiency regarding aspects such as patient flow, medical staff safety, reception, triage and recovery areas, and supplies storage, to name just a few. All aspects are looked at for workflow optimization of a new clinic, down to the position and type of exam tables.

Finance: Medline offers unique zero-percent equipment financing options for three and five-year terms. For a new practitioner out of school, the program helps reduce financial burden in those first few years of a clinic opening. It also allows clinicians to procure high-quality equipment and nice to-haves that improve the patient experience.

Supply Efficiency: Medline has eight strategic distribution centers across Canada with over one million square feet of warehouse space. We take supplies seriously and understand that high-quality healthcare requires the right product in the right place and time. Our procurement team excels, and our national fill-rate average for Primary Care is a benchmark. You can expect a typical delivery to arrive within 1-2 business days.

We maintain an 8000-item Primary Care catalog of commonly purchased products and offer web ordering 24/7. Our team also works with clinicians to create online shopping lists to simplify and streamline the ordering process, saving time and money. If you’re unsure what products you’ll need, we have pre-identified product groupings by specialty, including surgical, dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, infusion, men’s and women’s health, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and family practice.

Products and Programs: We carry various Medline brand products and products from other manufacturers specific to Primary Care. Interestingly, with our Medline brand, we’re uniquely positioned as the only manufacturer and distributor of consumables in our market. Our global production allows us to manage the end-to-end supply chain while offering high-quality products priced competitively. Medline is also a global leader in the manufacturing of standard and full-custom sterile surgical packs and trays, and our products are widely recognized and trusted across the Canadian healthcare continuum.

We also have unique programs and expertise in instrument reprocessing protocols, equipment maintenance and repair, and a unique pay-as-you-go sharps disposal program.

Q: Can you provide an example of success that showcases the impact of the Medline Physician Partner Program on a physician clinic? 

The Physician Partner Program is structured to reduce stress and create a smooth process for physicians at all career phases – we want to help ensure they're positioned for success and that we’re relieving some of their challenges.

One of our customers is Rejuvenation Dermatology, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Their President, Tim Dinger, says Medline’s financing program saved them substantial money across their clinics, allowing them to divert capital to other investments at their existing operations.

Through this program, Medline worked with Rejuvenation clinicians to standardize equipment purchases for new clinic openings. This standardization created a benefit for the servicing of equipment and staff training. Standardizing each clinic created a consistent and elevated patient and staff experience that resulted in higher satisfaction and efficiency levels.

Tim has put his trust in Medline, and we have an engaged salesforce that understands the day-to-day clinic operations.

Q: In what ways does Medline collaborate with physicians to improve and adapt the program to meet evolving healthcare needs?

Medline has the agility to adapt to evolving healthcare needs. We regularly champion new directives, technology advancements and best practices brought forward by industry leaders, key stakeholders and government regulators. One example is the advancement of the Hi-Lo Power Exam Table, which brought disability access to clinics, improving the patient and clinician experience. The table has further progressed with built-in scales and vital sign monitors, heated upholstery and built-in castors for table maneuverability.

Q:How can physicians reach out to get started?

Existing Medline customers can contact their local Medline Sales Representative to learn more, or if you are a new Physician or Clinic Manager, contact our Customer Care line at1.800.268.2848 or by email,and we will connect you with a local Medline Representative.

Medline has been working collaboratively with physicians for decades – we live and breathe clinical environments, and we’re here when you need us.