Advanced Wound Care

We offer expertise in advanced wound care. This resource for health caregivers provides insight into the management and treatment of chronic wounds.  

Managing chronic wounds effectively requires caregivers to see things differently. We understand your challenges. That’s why we’re making innovative wound technologies accessible and affordable across the continuum of care.

The difficulties you face treating hard-to-heal wounds are what drives us to continually develop and improve our advanced wound care solutions. We work with clinicians and scientists around the globe to bring you products and resources that provide effective, yet economical treatment.

From high-performance solutions for every type and phase of wound to customized support, we help you raise the standard of care. 


Just like the people affected by them, wounds need to be treated on an individual basis. The DIMES system of wound bed preparation and treatment provides an approach to assessing and managing wound care. The DIMES approach can also help guide product selection.

Debridement (Autolytic): The removal of nonviable tissue by creating an optimal moist wound environment.

Infection/Inflammation: Addressing bioburden and inflammation in the wound.

Moisture Balance: Achieving and maintaining moisture balance in and around the wound.

Edge/Environment: Treating stalled wounds where epithelium fails to migrate.

Support products, services and education: Complementary products to enhance outcomes and round out your would healing toolkit.

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These are some of our products designed for advanced wound care.

Optifoam Gentle SA


Puracol Plus

Opticell Ag+

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