Empowering clinicians to advance wound healing

Advanced skin & wound care

Despite the prevention efforts of caregivers, patients can develop chronic wounds. Medline offers a comprehensive advanced wound healing and skin care portfolio, ensuring our customers always have the best tools at their disposal. We believe in empowering clinicians with expertise, educational support and intuitively designed products so that their patients have the best chance to heal.

Our Advanced Wound Management Portfolio empowers clinicians to elevate their standard of care through a consistent and evidence-based approach to wound healing:

Debridement supplies

Dressings that support autolytic debridement.

Infection & inflammation

Dressings that reduce the risk of infection and help manage local infections.

Moisture management products

Dressings that absorb or donate moisture to help create an optimal moist wound-healing environment.


Biologics and collagen dressings that employ advanced therapies to stimulate wound healing.

Support products

A comprehensive suite of dressings and devices to promote the healing process, including compression dressings, skin protectants, wound cleansers, cover dressings and tapes.

Our Expertise

Our online resources are developed by clinicians and scientists to help you raise the standard of care. Learn more about skin health, wound bed preparation and treatment, as well as preventative measures.

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Explore DIMES, a systematic approach to wound healing. Designed to take the guesswork out of product selection, DIMES empowers clinicians to find the right solution for every type and phase of wound.

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Product categories

Alginate/Fibre Dressings 


Contact Layer Dressings

Concentrated Surfactant Gel


Collagen Dressings


Cover Dressings

Dressing Retention Tape 


Hand Hygiene

Honey Dressings


Hydrogel Dressings

Lip Care

Lotions & Moisturizers 

Post-Op Dressings

Protective Sleeves

Shampoo/Body Wash

Skin Protectants

Superabsorbent Dressing

Surfactant Dressings


Skin Protectants

Wound Cleansers

Wound Closure

Wound Measurement