We have dedicated sales and clinical teams to meet your unique needs

Acute care and hospital settings 

From improving care quality and patient safety to meeting regulatory demands to managing elective procedures more effectively, Medline is here to help. Whatever your volume requirements – by ‘each’, box, case or skid – we will ensure your hospital has the required products on site. Whether you need medical-surgical supplies, custom packs, OR instruments, needles and syringes, surgical gloves, drapes or gowns, Medline is ready to customize your order according to the specific requirements of your facility.

Long-term care comminities and primary care providers

Medline is proud to serve long-term care communities and primary care providers across Canada.

We serve specialized medical professionals, including physicians, dentists, chiropodists, podiatrists, veterinarians, emergency medical responders and more. We offer primary care customers access to over 35,000 quality products developed by the world’s leading manufacturers.

For continuing care and long-term care communities, our trained Account Managers and Clinical Managers provide product use guidance, work with you to manage costs, and support you with training and education on topics most relevant in these care settings. Our team of clinicians and account managers are located across the country to support you locally. With specialization in key areas that matter the most in long-term care, including incontinence and skin care programs that promote better resident outcomes, while supporting your clinical staff and frontline workers with education and training that help them in their roles with residents and family members.

We're here to help

Dental and podiatry

Equipped with our collective experience serving dental and podiatry offices, Medline has the right solutions and expertise.

Home healthcare and consumer products

Medline makes it easy to bring quality healthcare products home to use every day. From wheelchairs, rollators and orthopedic care to first aid, incontinence, skin health, gloves, as well as health and beauty, consumers can find Medline products in home health care, retail stores and online. Explore all of our consumer brands.

All other care settings

Medline provides the healthcare tools designed to drive your business, practice or office, as your healthcare supply partner.

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9 distribution centres across Canada 

Our dedicated sales teams are here to serve our customers and are an integral part of our success and strength.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of PPE and related categories, Medline is uniquely positioned to provide our vast product selection to Canadian institutions thanks to our global infrastructure and our extensive experience across all healthcare channels. 

The Medline Supply Chain

The Medline Canada team learned a lot about the global supply chain since the pandemic began. We applied our learning to create the Medline Supply Continuity Program. Watch our video to find out how our program will work for you and how to get started.