Aloe Care™ Advanced Skin Care

Our Aloe Care™ line of advanced skin care products is designed to help maintain healthy skin, and become part of your daily skin care routine to protect and enhance your skin.

Product Offering

Medline offers a wide array of advanced skin care solutions to keep you feeling clean and refreshed.

Perineal Wash Cream

Aloe Care™ Perineal Wash Cream’s convenient pump bottle and flip-cap formats easily dispense product onto a moistened washcloth for quick and effective perineal care.

Shampoo & Bodywash

The regular use of a quality skin and hair care product is one of the single most important contributors to personal health and cleanliness. Aloe Care™ Shampoo & Bodywash is a convenient, healthy addition to your skin and hair care program.

Moisturizing Lotion Hand Soap

Aloe Care™  Moisturizing lotion soap is refreshing hand cleanser that cleans and moisturizes your hands leaving them feeling clean and refreshed.

Anti-Bacterial Lotion Hand Soap

Aloe Care™ antibacterial lotion soap effectively cleans and disinfects the hands and contains extra moisturizers to help replenish lost moisture in the skin during daily handwashing. 

Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Aloe Care™ Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is an excellent choice for proper hand hygiene when hands have not been visibly soiled. In fact, an alcohol-based hand rub is the preferred method in many clinical settings because it takes less time than washing with soap and water, and is more easily accessible for both patients and providers. 

Disposable Washcloth

We offer gowns, facemasks, bouffant caps in a large variety of sizes and options.

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