Alliance® PPE

As we continue to navigate the global coronavirus pandemic, PPE has never been more important. As a leading provider of protective gear to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, we’re a trusted source for quality products.

Protective Apparel

Bouffant Caps

Conveniently secured by elastic for a more comfortable fit than traditional surgical caps, the Alliance Premium Bouffant Cap is a disposable, latex-free product. The non-woven material and elastic-rimmed design ensures a comfortable fit. This disposable product is available in two sizes.

Face Masks

The 3-Ply Alliance® earloop face masks provide excellent protection and are easy to use. Available in blue (procedure) or yellow (isolation).

Face Mask with Plastic Shield

This face mask with shield earloop is 3 ply, rated level 3 with an anti-fog foam stripe (purple).The 3-ply pleated design provides full coverage of the nose, mouth and chin without sacrificing breathability. 

Isolation Gowns

The non-woven Alliance® Isolation Gown offers healthcare professionals a comfortable, lightweight and fluid resistant disposable garment. Conveniently designed for easy removal, our isolation gown comes in a universal size.

Shoe Covers, Non-Skid Bottom

Available in two sizes, Alliance® Premium Non-Skid Shoe Covers offer excellent safety features designed for critical environments such as the operating room. These disposable shoe covers offer enhanced traction on the sole for greater stability during surgery. Made from a versatile spun-bound latex-free material, Alliance Premium Non-Skid Shoe Covers also help maintain a sterile environment.

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