Alliance® Bandages and Surgical Dressings

Explore our selection of dressings, bandages, sponges, dressing trays, and other products.

Bandages and Surgical Dressings

Bandage, Plastic Strips, Sterile

Sterile and latex-free, these waterproof, flexible bandages are ideal for protecting, healing and concealing small wounds.

Conform Bandages

Alliance Conform Bandages provide excellent support and flexibility because they adhere to natural contour of the area where they are applied without restricting motion. Both sterile and non-sterile formats are available in four sizes.

Drain/Trach Sponge

Non-Woven, superior absorbency trach drain sponge provides fast wicking action with it’s 6-ply construction. 

Dressing Tray, 3-Compartment, Sterile

This deluxe dressing tray offers providers forceps (3 each), 3″ X 3″ non-woven gauze (6 each), cotton balls (6 each), CSR Towels (2 each) and 1 waste bag with tie. Alliance’s deep 3-compartment tray offers plenty of space to hold solutions properly, in comparison to shallow trays.

Elastic Tensor Bandage

Available in four sizes from 2' to 6', Alliance Elastic Tensor Bandages provide an excellent source of support and compression for minor injuries. The safety clips included with this bandage help to ensure a snug fit for greater comfort.

Gauze Sponges, Non-Woven, Sterile & Non-Sterile

Alliance Non-woven Gauze Sponges offer smooth application and increased comfort. These sponges come in three different sizes, for both sterile and non-sterile formats. Both sterile and non-sterile are available in 4-ply.

Flannel Bandage

Alliance Flannel Bandages are available in four sizes. These non-sterile bandages offer optimal coverage, comfort and support for the extremities.

Triangular Bandage

A versatile emergency bandage, the Alliance Triangular Bandage offers a variety of applications. It can be used as a wrap, a sling, or for a variety of compression needs. The triangular shape created by folding the bandage allows for support specific to the injury.

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